★Summer Course 2015★

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We are accepting applications for 【Summer Course in 2015】
We are preparing two courses in this year.
You can choose a convenient course for you.
Let’s study Japanese language in Hokkaido this summer!

4-week course : Jul 13, 2015~Aug 7, 2015
2-week course : Jul 26, 2015~Aug 7, 2015

In Hokkaido Sapporo where the seasons are the most colorful
among flowers of a riot of color and green,
Let’s learn Japanese language while enjoying
the Japanese culture experience and variety of activities!
Why don’t you make unforgettable memories of summer in Hokkaido?

If you would like to participate in it,
please enter your information on the application form
and send it to us by FAX or Email.
Email : info@h-nihongo.org
FAX : +81-11-633-1818

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
There are Japanese, Chinese and Russian versions of the details on Facebook!
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